Sliver Medallist
Silver Medallist in Business Leadership
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Leading with Empathy won the Silver Medal in Business Leadership at the Axiom Business Book Awards

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Business Insider

Leading with Empathy is 1 of 6 books recommended by psychologists
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Experts warn that we're experiencing an "empathy deficit" due to the pandemic. Leading with Empathy is one of 6 books that can help, as recommended by psychologists.

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Publishers Weekly

Leading with Empathy - one of 5 featured books in Business and Finance for 2022
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Publishers Weekly featured Leading with Empathy as one of the five must-read books in Business and Finance for 2022

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Leading with Empathy

Understanding the Needs of Today's Workforce

Our world has drastically changed over the last two years, and we have realized how fragile humanity truly is, despite our technological, medical, and evolutionary advancements. The previous two years have been fraught with losses, not just in lives but also in jobs, security, safety, belonging, familiarity, love, emotional health, and well-being. Humanity needs empathy now more than ever.

In Leading with Empathy: Understanding the Needs of Today’s Workforce, I present an insightful roadmap to leading people through adversity and empowering humans in the workplace, the home, and society. The book explores how empathy can help alleviate some of the more harmful effects of hardship and offers key actions that empathic leaders can take to inspire their followers. Finally, the book describes how to transform the way we work by rethinking and reimagining existing processes and innovatively introducing strategic disruption. 

Leading with Empathy also includes: 

  • Stories, anecdotes, and personal musings that grant visibility and validation to the suffering of others 
  • Exercises and strategies to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve happiness and positivity 
  • Actions that enable leaders to empower people through empathy, collaboration, and communication. 

 A large portion of royalties received from this book will be donated to nonprofit organizations supporting the underprivileged, underrepresented minorities, and the homeless. 

By purchasing this book, you will make a difference in someone’s life, perform a random act of kindness, and positively impact humanity. Thank you for helping.

Available formats: Hardcover, eBook, audiobook

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Dr. Gautham Pallapa

As the founder of Transformity and an Executive Advisor for VMware, Dr. Gautham Pallapa works with C-Suite and executives at Fortune 1000 enterprise customers in transforming their strategy, processes, technologies, culture, and people to achieve their objectives and business outcomes. 

Having almost succumbed to stress early in his career, he employed that wake-up call to help improve the quality of life for people working in enterprises. His mantra is “Transform with Empathy” and has successfully led several business transformations and cloud modernization efforts in various industry verticals.

Gautham is an agile coach, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a SAFe Agilist, and an Ambassador for the DevOps Institute. He writes/talks/works on transformation, elevating humans, helping underprivileged people, and giving back to the community.


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